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Waldena Hendrix
Appalachian art is an important part of American history. Many of the crafts and art that come from Appalachia can trace their roots not only overseas but also from here in the Americas. One example is coiled pine-needle art.

I create coiled art from long-leaf pine needles in the time-honored Native American tradition of beauty and utility, but I also create more personal contemporary baskets with asymmetry, bright colors, and unexpected patterns.

I find inspiration in traditional baskets and incorporate contemporary materials. Like many original Native American objects, my artwork blends both aesthetics and utility. As a child of both Appalachian America and the Cherokee peoples of the Tennessee Valley, my European ancestors include talented quilters, blacksmiths, clockmakers, gunsmiths, and painters. I strive to continue a tradition of pride in craftsmanship.

Art lovers and craftspeople alike can enjoy my work by visiting the annual Hocking Hills Artists and Craftsmen Fall Show at Old Manís Cave, the annual Lilyfest, and my Etsy page.

My work is also available at the Nelsonville Emporium, 31 Public Square, Nelsonville, Ohio.

If you are interested in my baskets, please email at
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